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Whatever success looks like for you, find the help you need to get there, as a member of the UK's most supportive network of female business owners


Welcome to Inspire!

As a Network we're here to support you as a busy woman who wants flexible, affordable online opportunities to connect, collaborate and build community with other business owners... without being sold to.

We know how hugely rewarding, but also how difficult, and sometimes lonely, it can be to build a business of your own.

That’s why we meet regularly to encourage one another and share ideas. We put kindness, support and knowledge-sharing first and have a range of opportunities to access help in a way that suits you.

Suitable for all budding or experienced business owners, whatever your business does! No lock-outs, exclusions or restrictions, but we all identify as women who are growing a business with the desire to share connect, collaborate and build community with other women who know what it feels like to be a business owner.

All of our ladies define themselves as "small business owners" (or are preparing to become one), and that's what makes our community special: We ALL know what it's like to be a business owner, so we are best-positioned to offer meaningful and relevant advice and support to one another.

Whatever your motivation for joining us at The Inspire Network, whether it's gaining new knowledge or skills to equip you to start or grow your business, being inspired by others, finding encouragement and advice, or simply growing your network to see what opportunities it may yield, we are here to help you.

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Build collaborative relationships

If you're looking to find a supportive tribe of women who will help you in your business, look no further! 

That's what "The Inspire Network Membership" is all about. We are here to be your support network, as well as your Secret Sales Team!

Becoming a member allows you choose to attend any of our FREE informal, virtual, daytime and evening network meetings, as well as use of our Facebook-based Inspire Hub, which is available 24/7 and enables you to connect with other members in between meetings.


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Increase your knowledge

Learning is an important part of life as a business owner, which is why we provide free training workshops for members.

It's our priority to equip you with new skills, and encourage you to share your knowledge and learn from others.

Our weekly meetings take a masterminding format that enable members to share their knowledge and experiences. You can also learn about all kinds of different topics in our bonus EQUIP training sessions, which are held live and uploaded into our website's Membership Portal.


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Go further in business

Experienced business owners know that they go further when they work together, but to do this you need to find your kind of people

The Inspire Network provides a space to connect with other women who want to work together to grow their businesses, just like you.

As a member you can get to know others, develop trusted relationships, so you can bounce ideas around with each other, find collaboration opportunities, as well as build community with people who will help supply the services you need in your business as you grow.


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We're here to help you grow!

We know that people who get the right help at the right time are more likely to succeed in business.

When you're a small business owner, or just starting out, there is so much to learn. Come and meet others who are sharing the journey and who want to help each other, with no strings attached.

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