Connecting UK female business owners and entrepreneurs who want to rise and thrive, together!

Whatever your aspirations, we're here to help you fly! 

Inspire UK is a heart-led community for women who value relationships and want a safe space to connect and share with those who care!

We're a collection of thousands of female business owners from across the country, forming relationships that help one another to succeed. Whatever your goals, we are here to help support one another on our own individual journeys, functioning as a loving and friendly community.

If you're looking for a gorgeous collective of women who are motivated and aspirational, kind and willing to share openly, you've found it! But you'll need to be willing to share too...because it's in the authentic and honest connections that we can all help each other most.

We know how hugely rewarding, but also how difficult, and sometimes lonely, it can be to build a business of your own. That's why we're all here to be one another's cheerleaders, supporters, accountability partners and helpers. We might even become collaboration partners, clients or investors, or introduce you to your next big opportunity! Who knows...

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Build collaborative relationships

If you're looking to find a heart-led group of female leaders who will help you in your business, look no further! 

That's what Inspire is all about. We are here to be your support network, business buddies, ambassadors and so much more.

Membership gives access to regular meetings, as well as the opportunity to connect into a WhatsApp group chat, and use our Facebook "Inspire Hub" group to connect with other members in different ways between meetings. 

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To expand your horizons

Learning is an important part of life as a business owner, which is why we provide opportunities for this as much as possible.

It's good to remain open to learning as a leader, and also to share your knowledge to help others. However experienced you are!

For Members, our meetings enable members to share their knowledge and experiences. We share and learn about all kinds of different topics in Masterclasses, which are held live and uploaded so you can watch on-demand too.

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Go further in business

Experienced business owners know that they go further when they work together, but to do this you need to find your kind of people

Inspire provides a space to connect with other women who will inspire, help navigate and encourage you along the way.

As a Member you can get to know others and develop trusted relationships so that you can bounce ideas around with each other, explore collaboration opportunities and be supported on every step of your journey in business.

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Start-ups welcome!

We know that people who get the right help at the right time are more likely to succeed in business.

When you're a small business owner, or just starting out, there is so much to learn. Come and meet others who are sharing the journey. Some will be much more experienced but it's ok to be new to it all, there's no such thing as a "stupid" question!

Click on the button below to find out more about our different services and how we help UK women in business, from those just setting out on their own, through to experienced company directors.

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