The Inspire Network is now The Inspire Network International Ltd

The Inspire Network logo, a supportive business network for women at every stage of businessIt’s been an exciting time for us at The Inspire Network, last week we formed a new company, after 8 years running as a not for profit supporting women in business at every stage of business we became a ltd company and it is our goal to one day become a worldwide organisation with Inspire groups all over the globe supporting and inspiring women of all ages to reach their dreams of entrepreneurship.  We have done so much good in the northeast region where we began under the guidance of our founder member Julie Relf who now becomes the financial director.  Julie had a vision and acted upon it and that is why we now have over ten thousand female members of our Facebook group.

Along with Julie we have the always inspirational creative director, Amy Purdie who’s creativity and success in the field of graphic design and branding  has inspired many of our members over the years.  We also move into the next stage of our development with our first ever CEO, Mandy Charlton.  Mandy, a Newcastle photographer with over 12 years of business experience behind her faced many challenges to go from being someone who couldn’t leave her own home, trapped by mental health issues to being a business leader in her fields of photography and blogging.  Mandy knows the challenges of starting a business against all of the odds, and more importantly not just thriving in a saturated market but also triumphing with many awards and accolades.

Mandy has a vision for the future to take us onto the worldwide stage, not only that but to operate a company which has it’s community at it’s very heart and which continues to practice philanthropy at every stage.