The Inspire Network

I love belonging to The Inspire Network – I’ve made so many friends as well as great business contacts. But the best thing about belonging to the network is the support we get from one another – no question is too daft or too complicated – someone always has a kind and helpful answer.

Running your own business can be isolating and so time consuming that it is hard to find the point where the business ends, and you begin – and that’s something we all need to address. It’s easy to get run down and wonder why you are working for yourself as you pull another all-nighter/rushed phone call from a car park waiting for a child/ram another quick meal into the microwave.

I’ve worked for myself for over 20 years. I know how it feels and need a regular reality check myself to remember that I work for myself to support my family life, and that comes first. Harder still is remembering to pamper yourself. If the wellspring of your creativity runs dry, your business will founder and more importantly your relationships and even health will suffer. That is why it is important to take some time *every day* to breathe deeply and savour the moment. You will find something good about even the hardest of days if you look hard enough. Even a small thing, recognised, can lift your spirits and give you room to uncoil and grow.

Go a step further now though. Build in regular time for yourself – and that means without the kids, love them though we do. Nothing is more important to me than my family, but I was myself first. So were you. It is your uniqueness that defines you – not your roles in life. Nurture that uniqueness; feed the woman within with joyous experiences and your whole life will benefit.

I love running my craft, writing and creativity courses. The best thing about the sessions for me are the comments from women who come along and say that they have loved the ‘me’ time the course gives them. It saddens me that they often say they can’t remember the last time they did something just for themselves. To an outsider, the ladies who attend classes are just making a mulberry bowl, or some bunting, or an altered book – but it’s the experience that matters as much as the product at the end. They are carving time out to just be themselves. The chance to do something creative – essentially, to ‘play’ – is too easily pushed to the bottom of the ever increasing pile of jobs to be shoe-horned into the week. Make sure that you bear that in mind as you schedule yet another meeting or stand in front of a teetering pile of ironing. Make time for play and you will return refreshed to your tasks.

Lynn has written books on all subjects from crafts and parenting to scary animals! She writes a weekly craft article and ‘mumpreneur’ column in The Journal newspaper. When she is not home educating her daughter, playing with her grandchildren and cuddling her husband, she runs writing and craft courses in High Spen For details of Creative Awakenings sessions check out the Celebrate the Seasons FB page