The Inspire Masterclasses

We are excited to launch our new programme of educational masterclasses to help all who use The Inspire Network, masterclasses will be available for an extensive range of subjects.

With everything covered from how to get the most out of photography with your smartphone, to training you in elements of leadership we are sure this will all help you to further your business.

All of our tutors have been endorsed by The Inspire Network LTD for quality and content.

Everyday Photography Masterclass

Course tutor – Mandy Charlton
Location – At home with Mandy in Heaton
Date –  Thursday 12th March 2020
Price – £95 per person
Maximum number of course attendees – 3
Course runs from 10am – 3pm including lunch and coffee/tea breaks
Remaining places – 1
Masterclass Contents –

A morning spent in my kitchen being shown how to take images of products or flat lays using what you have around the home.


An afternoon visiting some really great outdoor spaces near where I live with street art, a street which has turned into a community garden etc so you can shoot great images of people (your own branding shots, or people wearing your products etc, it’s all pretty adaptable)

And all using nothing other than your smartphone.

The aim is so that you go away armed with the tools to create your own images and then you can save for a photographer on the really special occasions.

Speak with confidence & clarity Masterclass

A Presentation Skills Workshop

Course tutor – Jaclyn Stoker – Iluminet Coaching and Training

Location – Seaham

Date –  Thursday 26th March 2020

Price – £95 per person

Maximum number of course attendees – 6

Course runs from 10am – 4pm including lunch and coffee/tea breaks

Remaining places – 6

Overview –

Whether it’s in our business or personal lives, many of us have to present our thoughts and ideas to others. Yet  public speaking is something that can bring a sense of dread to even the most outwardly confident person. However, effectively presenting your ideas is a skill – and like all skills is something that can be learnt.  And, once mastered you will be able to confidently deliver presentations that are stimulating, memorable, inspiring, – and a worthwhile use of everyone’s time.

This masterclass is aimed at those who …..

  • Want to improve their presentation skills.
  • Want to improve their confidence when presenting.

Masterclass Contents –

The workshop will start by looking at those things that go into making a great presentation and the importance of understanding our audience.

We will then move on to discuss some of the obstacles you may encounter and how you can navigate these with ease.

The other key area that we will cover is how to improve your confidence when presenting – there will be practical hints and tips and we will also start to work on your mindset.

The whole session will be very relaxed and interactive with plenty of opportunities to put everything we discuss into practice.

The aim of the session is to enable you to confidently and effectively communicate your message – and remain relaxed and composed while doing so.

Nail Art Techniques Materclass 

Course Tutor – Sarah Phelps : Polished nail designs

Location – FACT, Denise Roberston House, Clasper Way, Swalwell

Date – Monday 30th March 2020

Price – £95 per person

Maximum number of course attendants – 6

Course runs from – 10am til 4pm

[tea & coffee will be provided, but participants will need to bring own lunch]

Remaining places – 6

Masterclass Contents –

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or just love doing nails as a hobby, you’ve come to the right place to find out more about all styles of nail art. This workshop will look at nail art, including simple designs that create effective finishes. Techniques we will cover will include: 

○ Bloom gel 

○ Marble 

○ Chrome 

○ Threading gel 

○ Stamping 

○ Flowers 

○ Lines & asymmetrical 

○ Ombre The day will comprise of a mixture of demonstrations by Sarah, alongside some step by step picture sheets to follow, between each style of nail art, there will then be practical training, where you will practice these techniques, and learn how to adapt them to give you a wide range of designs to offer your clients or impress your friends. 

There will be time during the day to ask questions, and show other styles if required. The day will be relaxed & friendly & very interactive and we will make sure everyone learns what they need to, at a pace to suit. 

The aim of the day is to allow you to expand your skills and try out new techniques and products and to show you ways to grow your skill level going forward.

When you pay for your course, please indicate which course you are paying for or email and let us know, thanks so much