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Susan Smalley

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Susan Smalley


Twitter name:\SusanSmalley

Where are you in the North East?

Durham City

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Directory advert:

 I work intuitively with your energy as I tailor my personal development coaching sessions with you to unfold your potential, secure your emotions, build your confidence, and help eliminate the ‘toxic’ situations in your life. A Reiki Master, Meditation Coach, Tarot Consultant, Medium and Crystal Therapist too, working with one to one clients, online, in groups, workshops, and courses, I am delighted to be here and sharing with you the services I offer. I am different from most coaches in this sense, and isn’t that what makes me super interesting an empath who understands who and where you are.  Please do email me to arrange your very unique personal consultation.    Groups and online courses will be posted regularly for your interest, so I look forward to seeing you soon.                   

When did you start your business and why?:

I had always been working alongside my day time employment as P.A. to Directors in the public and private sectors twenty years previous to my becoming self-employed, which just so happened due to my taking redundancy.  A release which allowed me to work with my services for friends, family and clients in the north east of UK, and beyond.  For the past ten years I have worked at building my fab clientele and made some great friends via networking through business and social media routes.  My passion for what I do shows as does the drive and flexible approach I have to my working hours to accommodate those of you who are unable to reach me during the day time.   So evenings and weekends are pretty much dedicated as and when necessary to the unfoldment and upliftment to those who seek my services.  I simply love being self-employed.

What gives your business the edge?:

Me.  I am unique in that in each area I work, whether that be healing, meditation, mediumship, tarot, teaching, spiritual coaching, life coaching, public speaking or workshop facilitating, and online marketing of my business, I do so straight from intuitively connecting and always from the heart.  My reputation has built on a foundation of sincerity and warmth and non judgement.

What is the best thing about running your own business?:

The gorgeous people I get to meet, the fab places I work within as well as the joy of working from my own home, and the total flexibility I have in inspiring others, and equally remaining inspired soulfully myself.

 And what is the worst!?:

Sometimes running out of time!   This year is flying by and I cannot believe that whilst I have smashed some goals I set for myself – that time evades me when trying to focus on the build of new areas of work.  However, I trust all will flow easily if it is mean to.

Describe a typical day running your business and balancing family life:

Morning admin, social media marketing, clients for mediumship and tarot guidance, a reiki client and crystal therapy session, tea, a catch up with friend, and then work in public arena on evening, or at home, coaching others to become stronger, more confident and at ease in accepting a mindfulness way of living yet appreciating the power of law of attraction.

How do you envisage your business changing over the next 5 years?:

Online business to soar.  I love to write so my ebooks and published books to be on sale to aid my students and clients right across the world.   Freeing up my time for another passion of mine –  travel.

Do you have any advice for other Women in or starting a business?:

Do it!    It will always eat into your thoughts and emotions if you don’t.   You are unique and you have every right to express that in a world where acceptance of all possibilities is ever expanding.

Of course the first three years are the most poignant and you must define boundaries of working hours in order to keep a balance in life and thus keep the flame of romance of life in full swing.