Helene Castel – TaDoList

You wish you had more time in a day?

As a Virtual Assistant, I provide administrative support, services and skills to busy entrepreneurs.​ I help you optimize your business, save time and money by outsourcing your administrative tasks and offline social media events. 

-MORE TIME to do what you love and are good at

-OPTIMISE and execute business strategy

-Increase your PROFIT

-Focus on GROWING your business

-Have a better work-life BALANCE

Stop running and outsource some of your tasks to me:

Your To-do List will become My TaDoList

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Kate Simpson – K8 Coaching & Consultancy, The Growth Catalyst, K8 Nordic Walking

I provide Executive Coaching, Career Coachig, Coaching for Success, HR support and expertise for HR projects

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Laura Mathieson – Selling on eBay UK Ltd

Selling on eBay UK Ltd, run by Laura Mathieson, is a specialist eBay Consultancy service. 

Providing analysis and advice to businesses selling on eBay, services include analysis and training, shop set up through to a managed facility to support small and medium sized companies to flourish on eBay. 

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Susan Smalley – Susan Smalley

 I work intuitively with your energy as I tailor my personal development coaching sessions with you to unfold your potential, secure your emotions, build your confidence, and help eliminate the ‘toxic’ situations in your life. A Reiki Master, Meditation Coach, Tarot Consultant, Medium and Crystal Therapist too, working with one to one clients, online, in groups, workshops, and courses, I am delighted to be here and sharing with you the services I offer. I am different from most coaches in this sense, and isn’t that what makes me super interesting an empath who understands who and where you are.  Please do email me susan@susansmalley.co.uk to arrange your very unique personal consultation.    Groups and online courses will be posted regularly for your interest, so I look forward to seeing you soon.               www.susansmalley.co.uk          

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Carole Dawson – Carole Dawson Reiki from the Source

Established in 1990, I provide Reflexology & Reiki treatments and teach authentic Japanese Reiki courses throughout the year.

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