Stacey Jackson – The Lovely Wedding Company

I am a videographer specialising in Weddings but I am also starting to expand my business into commercial.

I work with the client from the beginning to the very end of the process to find out exactly what they want and create something they will want to cherish forever.

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Helene Castel – TaDoList

You wish you had more time in a day?

As a Virtual Assistant, I provide administrative support, services and skills to busy entrepreneurs.​ I help you optimize your business, save time and money by outsourcing your administrative tasks and offline social media events. 

-MORE TIME to do what you love and are good at

-OPTIMISE and execute business strategy

-Increase your PROFIT

-Focus on GROWING your business

-Have a better work-life BALANCE

Stop running and outsource some of your tasks to me:

Your To-do List will become My TaDoList

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Kate Simpson – K8 Coaching & Consultancy, The Growth Catalyst, K8 Nordic Walking

I provide Executive Coaching, Career Coachig, Coaching for Success, HR support and expertise for HR projects

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Laura Mathieson – Selling on eBay UK Ltd

Selling on eBay UK Ltd, run by Laura Mathieson, is a specialist eBay Consultancy service. 

Providing analysis and advice to businesses selling on eBay, services include analysis and training, shop set up through to a managed facility to support small and medium sized companies to flourish on eBay. 

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Susan Smalley – Susan Smalley

 I work intuitively with your energy as I tailor my personal development coaching sessions with you to unfold your potential, secure your emotions, build your confidence, and help eliminate the ‘toxic’ situations in your life. A Reiki Master, Meditation Coach, Tarot Consultant, Medium and Crystal Therapist too, working with one to one clients, online, in groups, workshops, and courses, I am delighted to be here and sharing with you the services I offer. I am different from most coaches in this sense, and isn’t that what makes me super interesting an empath who understands who and where you are.  Please do email me to arrange your very unique personal consultation.    Groups and online courses will be posted regularly for your interest, so I look forward to seeing you soon.               

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