Join with hundreds of women across the UK who believe that together, we go further.

Join us and be a part of an amazing community of female business owners, as a member of The Inspire Network!

A membership designed with you in mind!

All you have to do is choose the best option for your own needs and budget. 

The Inspire Network Monthly Membership

£25 per month

A great option if you're on a budget or want to try us out before you commit (no minimum term)

  • EXCLUSIVE members-only Facebook community
  • National virtual weekly Inspire Members Masterminding
  • Inclusive monthly Equip masterclasses
  • Access to members-only Network events including local offline meetings (subject to availability, on a Pay As You Go Basis).
  • Additional members' perks at our discretion
  • Option to become an Inspire Champion for additional £25

The Inspire Network Annual Membership

£300 per year

BEST VALUE - this option unlocks Inspire Champion Status for free (saving £25)

  • A full year's access to our EXCLUSIVE members-only Facebook community
  • National virtual weekly Inspire Members Masterminding
  • Inclusive monthly Equip masterclasses
  • Access to members-only Network events including local offline meetings (subject to availability, on a Pay As You Go Basis).
  • Additional members' perks at our discretion
  • FREE Inspire Champion status (RRP £25) including your very own personalised digital badge and bonus Champion perks and advertising opportunities (subject to terms and conditions) worth £££s!!

The Inspire Network Plus Membership

£75 per month

6 month minimum commitment. Pre-register your interest NOW (launches soon)

  • All the benefits of our Monthly Network Membership
  • Free Inspire Champion Status commencing the date you join the programme


  • A monthly virtual mastermind session with your fellow Inspire Plus members (max 8 per group) hosted by our CEO Nikki Tapley.
  • Access to Nikki and stay in touch with your fellow Inspire Plus members within a designated WhatsApp group (optional)
  • Inspire Plus members are carefully placed into set groups for masterminding to ensure you receive appropriate peer support and accountability

Want to know more detail about EXACTLY what you'll get?

Check out the information below...

Monthly Network Membership

PRICE: £25/month

We're so excited that you're interested in joining us! You're just one click away from signing up to be a part of our fabulous community of female business owners, complete with a shedload of free training, advice and support!

We know that sometimes you might feel unsure about jumping straight into an annual commitment, so we've created this great option to give you a chance to try us on for size, with no strings attached.

You can read all about our membership benefits in the section below under Annual Membership, but of course your access will automatically renew monthly. You may cancel at any time via your membership area of the website after joining.

As a Monthly Member, you can also upgrade for an additional £25 per year to become an Inspire Champion with our add-on option. This is a separate subscription and you'll be given this option along with full Terms and Conditions at Checkout when you click below, but please be aware that not all Champion perks are available to Monthly Members.

If you want our top value membership with the best of everything we have to offer, you might want to consider an Annual Membership, but the Monthly Membership is an ideal way to jump in and get involved in meetings, attending masterclasses, viewing previous recordings in our Video Vault and much more, for an absolutely bargainous price that we're sure you'll love.


Annual Network Membership PLUS free Inspire Champion status (RRP £25) 


For an annual fee of £300, you will receive:

  • Access to our Facebook-based private membership group aka "The Inspire Hub" which offers benefits including:
    • A safe, closed community for members only to network, access advice and support between meetings, available 24/7
    • No need to add another social platform, use one you already use, to develop a deeper sense of community between meetings
    • Access to our member-only events calendar
    • Access to special member offers as they become available
    • Preferential rates/discounts/exclusive access to any other bonuses that we may make available
  • Access to our national virtual Inspire Members Masterminding sessions via Zoom 
  • The option to attend monthly national Equip Masterclasses to enhance your business knowledge, skills and confidence
  • The option to attend offline events and meetings (subject to availability, tickets issued in advance on a pay-as-you-go basis) at a preferential or exclusive rate
  • A free personalised digital Inspire Champion badge to allow you to showcase your support of an organisation that champions women as business leaders. PLUS participate in bonus promotional opportunities and events, plus promote in our national Facebook community with nearly 12k members, further public Facebook group to help you get found with 2k+ members, and elsewhere subject to terms and conditions.


Q. What level of business experience do I need to join The Inspire Network?

A. It doesn't matter! Some of our members are BRAND new to business with no previous experience and they haven't come up with a name yet. Our more experienced members love helping ladies to get started and see them fly! Others are established business owners who work for themselves or have small teams. We find the support is relevant and beneficial for all industries and sectors, because it's not about selling, it's about providing support.

We suggest that members get most value from our standard memberships during the period while they are still involved in their business day to day. Company directors who have more than 5-10 employees are likely to gain more benefit from The Inspire Network Plus masterminding environment. However, anyone is welcome to join us - if you think you have something to give and something to gain, jump on in!

Q. How will being a member actually benefit my business?

A. In SO many ways! Members who engage in the opportunities available regularly and consistently report:

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased focus and efficiency in decision-making
  • Feeling more positive
  • Making good decisions
  • Feeling empowered by helping others
  • Increased sales
  • Increased business skills
  • Increased knowledge
  • Finding trusted suppliers and business service providers
  • Making great friends
  • Making new connections who introduce you to those who can provide expert help and advice.

Q. What does "Give First" mean?

A. Members in Inspire work together to achieve success. Mutual support is crucial. This only happens when individuals understand the importance of  "Give First" concept. We love to help you grow your business through the power of relationships and working together with other women, and believe in the philosophy of "Give First".

To "Give First" means to be willing to look for ways to help others - whether that's empowering them with some knowledge, inspiring them by sharing an experience, encouraging them with a referral, your business, or even just a kind word, or sharing a skill. These are all ways we can give. We know that relationships fail when you look only for what you can take. So we "Give First" to promote strong and long-lasting collaborative relationships and business friendships. It's as simple as that.

If EVERYONE gives, then EVERYONE also receives. What goes around comes around. If you don't feel you have much to give, don't worry, just by being willing to listen or offer your thoughts or opinions, brings more value than you think. But we do ask you to look for opportunities to help rather than wait to be asked, where possible!.

Q. Are you a business networking group?

Not in the way you might think of business networking groups! We are a Network of women with businesses, but we focus on masterminding as a way of building relationships. We don't do salesy networking! We do relationship-building and meaningful peer support as a community. We may offer meetings that facilitate the expansion of your network, but we don't do pitches, selling or business card swapping (unless someone asks you for more info or to get in touch, in which case, go for it!)

We are a membership-based organisation that focuses on collaboration. We look to develop sense of community where members support rather than sell, as we know this is where members find most value.

Q. I need more sales. Will joining The Inspire Network help me?

A. Yes, if you are willing to get involved consistently and learn from others, and take up the opportunities we offer you.

You may promote your products or services to your fellow members in our Hub.

It is also possible to boost your sales by attending our meetings consistently - WITHOUT selling! It really is possible! And it's why our active members love coming to our relationship and support-focused meetings. We teach you how as a member.

Q. Can I promote my business in meetings?

A. Yes, within the parameters we set out, and we advise you not to sell to our members but only to educate and inform them so they can help refer you business!!

Inspire meetings take a masterminding format...which is a bit like group coaching if you haven't heard of it. They're not a place to sell or tout for business, only to get to know each other better and to learn from one another within a safe space.

We encourage you to use meetings to find like-minded members to become part of each others' Secret Sales Team (and any other members of the team that you don't have in your business!) to support one another. This may mean looking to obtain referrals and new business or simply just to find people you can turn to when you need assistance. This is far more powerful than trying to sell to your network.

Q. How can I keep in touch with members and find out about the meetings?

The Network Membership allows you access to our Inspire Portal (where you can find information, resources and previous training/masterclasses) as well as our Inspire Hub (based on Facebook) where you can connect and obtain peer support. 

The Hub is also where we promote our regular virtual meetings throughout the month. You'll note our weekly meetings are called Inspire Members Masterminding. And our monthly free training/workshops are called Equip Masterclasses. These are typically an hour long and feature 30 minutes of teaching (recorded and made available on-demand in the Hub video resources area) plus 30 minute Q&A which is only available to live participants.

Q. When are the meetings and do I have to pay extra?

A. We offer one national Inspire Members' Masterminding per week, alternating between mornings (09:30hrs) and evenings (20:00hrs). From July 2021 these will be at 09:30hrs and 19:30hrs and all meetings will be on Mondays to help our members plan ahead. Our Equip Masterclasses vary but are always available on-demand so you needn't worry if you can't attend live.

Q. Do I have to attend all the meetings?

A. No!! We know you are a very busy business owner, and if you're not busy right now, you will be soon! You can attend as often as you like - we suggest once per month as a minimum ideally. Some members like to attend fortnightly for a daytime session, or for an evening session. Some members do both. But we don't expect this! It's entirely down to you, and with low fees, even if some months you are stretched for time and you only watch a Masterclass on demand, or attend one meeting, it's absolutely worth it.

Q. How do I access The Inspire Hub?

A. The Hub is hosted on Facebook - you will be sent a link upon joining.


The Inspire Network Plus

£75/month for 6 months

The Inspire Network Plus is for you if you're looking for regular accountability, expert-led masterminding and peer support, and networking with women who are focused on taking their business to the next level.

It's the ideal Masterminding option for those who prefer quality over quantity and want regular eyes on their businesses and help from a professional coach without the expense of 1:1.

The Inspire Network Plus offers quality networking, masterminding in an online peer boardroom environment, as well as an exclusive online community on WhatsApp (which you may opt out of if you wish), to support business women to thrive as they pursue their goals and level-up.

Access monthly online peer-to-peer masterminding sessions and take The Hot Seat to receive advice from your peers and lead coach on your most pressing business challenges, by taking time to focus on your business, with a single monthly commitment lasting 2hrs (with a short comfort break).

Inspire Network Plus is the Membership for you if you're going places...or want to be!

Places on The Inspire Network Plus programme are limited and we run with a max. 8 members per Mastermind group, each of which lasts for six months.

Please express your interest by clicking the button below, and we will contact you to register you on our waiting list. Please note registration requires some simple criteria to be met - we will contact you to establish you meet the criteria but regret we do not accept applications from MLMs or affiliate marketers.


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