Make money for your business today

make money in your business right now

 Make Money Right Now, how to bring money into your business right now.


We live in an age where it’s never been easier to make money now, to bring money into your business today.   The internet makes it infinitely possible to leverage your expertise in so many ways which effectively making you richer.   Not to mention giving your business some much-needed cash flow.


We all have times of crisis in our business or home life, times when there’s an unexpected bill or something crops up which needs immediate attention and you sit there in a panic thinking “but I’ve only got £2.40 in my business account and I have no money coming in”. First of all, please don’t panic, just because you are having a problem in your cash flow does not mean that you are failing in business.  Remember it’s just one of those moments, those rollercoaster moments, which are part of the joy of being self-employed and running your own business.

There are things you can do to make money now…

The first thing to do is think about what you already have, be that a mailing list or a set of superhero customers who will always be the first to celebrate or shout out about your business.  Is there something you could do right now which you could release just for those superheroes which would create exponential growth, get the wheels turning and bring in some much-needed income?

If you make physical products could you sell off some of the more imperfect ones or do some kind of special promotion so that you’re not having to buy anything and you’re capitalising on what you already have?


You are an expert in your field!

One of the most unique things about you as a business person is that you are completely and utterly unique.  I’m willing to bet that whatever field you are in, you have a skill which you and only you possess and so you hold something so special, call it your own unique super-power.  Maybe you could write about that or hold a class or come up with an Ebook which you could sell?   In these digital days information is something which is not only in demand but it’s the most saleable thing we have.  Information may take time to write down, to talk about but it doesn’t cost you anything financially.


Create Residual Income, Money which keeps coming in!

One of the most valuable, if not the most valuable things about the way we make money today is figuring out how to make that into residual income. Residual income is money which comes in whether you are asleep or awake, at work in your office, or on the beach in the Bahamas.   Quite simply, if you can create any kind of residual or passive income you are on your way to a successful path where you don’t have to be present in your business every day.

Some ideas to get you started with passive income are affiliate marketing, Ebooks, worksheets, saleable courses, stock photography…



Flash Sale

This isn’t something I would encourage you to do all of the time because you will devalue your product or service and people will never pay the full price again but in times of crisis, a 24-hour flash sale with something you can highly discount can bring invaluable extra income to get you back on your feet.




Although I don’t advocate you go and sell your soul for a fiver, that website and others offers a huge hub of creatives putting out offers, often there’s a basic offer in with the fiver price but you can create a scalable income with it or offer an introduction to your business which is visible by millions.


Mailing list

You can bet that not only are your superhero customers are on your mailing list but maybe you have some who haven’t heard from you in a while!  Remind them, who you are, about your wonderful services and you never know, you might get some extra business out of it.

The important thing in times of crisis is not to panic, if you can’t figure things out because your head is swimming, talk to a friend or a coach or someone you trust.  In our paid success membership group, we troubleshoot every Tuesday along with coming up with tips and tricks for business every single day, we offer coaching and workshops and all from just £4.50 a month, to find out more about our paid membership project click here

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