Licensed Groups

We now have both regional and specialist licensed groups, all of which have their own meetings, and Facebook groups, so all you need to do is go join the ones which are most appropriate to you, all of our Facebook groups are completely free to join and you’ll just pay a small fee if you attend the meetings.


Start Your Own Group

If you don’t see a group you think would benefit the women where you are, or a specialist group in the field you’re passionate about why not start your own group?

Our licenses cost just £100 per year plus £10 per month and you are free to set your own meeting charges, you can even accrue bonuses from referring Inspire Success members or referring someone who wants to start their own group, that’s why so many have already taken the leap.  To apply just fill in This Form

Upon approval we’ll help you set up your own Facebook group and add you to our private group where licensee’s help licensees, we’ll give you your own logo, a licensee pack and all of the branding you need.


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