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Laura Middleton

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The Office Rocks


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The Office Rocks is a digital marketing agency based in Sunderland specialising in affiliate and social media marketing. Via a diverse portfolio of brands The Office Rocks generates over 2m user clicks per month resulting in over £700k in retailer revenue per month.

When did you start your business and why?:

I started The Office Rocks in January 2014 after having my 3rd baby. Initially I offered a virtual assistance service however I quickly became employed full time. After 10 months of trying to juggle a full time job and family life I made the decision to pick The Office Rocks back up and embrace the world of self employment again.

What gives your business the edge?:

Being a busy mum of 3 I am extremely passionate about creating a flexible working environment which allows employees to have a life outside of their working day. Whether you have children or not, flexible working for all is vital to creating a happy workforce.

What is the best thing about running your own business?:

I absolutely LOVE the freedom which running my own business offers me. Yes I work hard and often long hours BUT if I need to be somewhere else I can. School sports days, school trips and family parties – I don’t need to miss these things anymore.

And what is the worst!?:

The constant feeling of guilt. Guilty for not working enough and wondering where my business would be if I was working 70 hours a week.

Describe a typical day running your business and balancing family life:

Wake up to Chris Evans at 6am. Snooze until 7am (trying to crack this habit)

Chaotic getting ready routine of breakfast, teeth, shoes, bags. Normally run back to the house for various forgotten items.

2 school drop offs and a childminder drop off.

Get to the office and cram in as much as possible before heading back to school to collect all 3 children. (Thankfully I have an amazing team who manage extremely well without me.)

Prepare and eat dinner together at the table. Attend various after school clubs. Back home (bath if they’re lucky) and off to bed.

MacBook out for another couple of hours work!

Sleep (hopefully) and wake to do it all over again!

How do you envisage your business changing over the next 5 years?:

Thinking about the next 5 years makes my stomach flip with excitement!

I see my business growing to a team of at least 50 as we expand into a multi disciplinary agency offering more services including web development, graphic design, SEO, training and coaching and more.

Hopefully we’ll own our own premises too!

Do you have any advice for other Women in or starting a business?:

Just go for it! Don’t over think as chances are you’ll talk yourself out of it. Be confident, be brave, be bold!