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Welcome to  our trade directory – to be approved for our trade directory you will have to prove you have insurance/experience or qualifications to be included so that we can say we have vetted and checked every single person in the directory. We have employed someone who’s sole responsibility it is to check and vet applications as it’s a massive task and we estimate that we’ll have a huge uptake as it will be the only way to responsibly recommend people.

To secure your entry  Please send fill in this questionnaire –  for Inspire Success Members it’s included in the membership, non members will pay £40 per year via –

Please make sure you have sent your payment before adding yourself to the Typeform or your details may be deleted.


Sian Barnard

Hypnotherapist Peaceful Minds
Website: Peaceful minds

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I’m a qualified hypnotherapist using hypnotherapy using hypnosis for anxiety, stress, confidence and depression and other emotional problems. I am also a CBT therapist and combine this with hypnotherapy for more permanent results.

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