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Welcome to  our trade directory – to be approved for our trade directory you will have to prove you have insurance/experience or qualifications to be included so that we can say we have vetted and checked every single person in the directory. We have employed someone who’s sole responsibility it is to check and vet applications as it’s a massive task and we estimate that we’ll have a huge uptake as it will be the only way to responsibly recommend people.

To secure your entry  Please send fill in this questionnaire – https://inspirenetwork.typeform.com/to/AWT8bl  for Inspire Success Members it’s included in the membership, non members will pay £40 per year via –

Please make sure you have sent your payment before adding yourself to the Typeform or your details may be deleted.


Karen Chomse

Independent Recruitment Agency KCR Solutions
Website: http://www.kcrsolutions.co.uk
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Having been in recruitment for over 20 years, my passion is still finding the right candidate for the right company.  I worked for a large national company for nearly 8 years and would have stayed had they not been less than keen to offer flexible hours.  But this gave me the kick I needed to start KCR Solutions with my brother Chris, which we have been running for 14 years.

We specialise in Finance and Accountancy Recruitment but occasionally assist with other specialisms.  We have built up a loyal client base which is growing all the time.  Once a client uses us, they tend to use us again and we get a lot of repeat business.  We have a great team of staff and love to assist with any recruitment needed. 

I love my job and even better, I have been able to work it round enjoying time with my children and being there for them as they are growing up; it has often meant working crazy hours at crazy times, but it has been worth it.

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