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Welcome to  our trade directory – to be approved for our trade directory you will have to prove you have insurance/experience or qualifications to be included so that we can say we have vetted and checked every single person in the directory. We have employed someone who’s sole responsibility it is to check and vet applications as it’s a massive task and we estimate that we’ll have a huge uptake as it will be the only way to responsibly recommend people.

To secure your entry  Please send fill in this questionnaire – https://inspirenetwork.typeform.com/to/AWT8bl  for Inspire Success Members it’s included in the membership, non members will pay £40 per year via –

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Hollie Ellis

Graphic Designer Hollie Ellis Design
Website: Hollie Ellis Design
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Hello, I’m Hollie and I am here to help you create a recognisable and professional brand for you and your business. 

At school I really wanted to be an artist, until I started studying Graphics at AS Level. I realised I was really good at it and kept getting top marks. Being able to creatively think about different ways in which you could convey a message through graphic design is amazing. It was at that moment in time, I realised I wanted to be a Graphic Designer. I gambled with determination to get accepted onto the degree I really wanted to do and it paid off.


I’ve worked previously in design agencies and with large blue-chip corporations, but it just wasn’t for me. My mission ever since leaving the corporate world to go it alone

has been to create real, long-standing relationships with fellow business owners.


I absolutely love what I do. Seeing the results from the designs I create for clients gives me a real buzz. It’s not every day you can be driving up the motorway and drive past a mini bus that you designed the vehicle graphics for. To me, that is total job satisfaction, seeing my designs turn into reality.


I work with such amazing and inspiring business owners and that’s what makes me turn up every day to design for them. They’re so passionate and positive about their businesses, it empowers me to do the same with mine.


I not only get to help my clients on their business journey, but I’m honoured to be a part of it too.

So if you’re looking to get a professional logo for your business, along with other branded materials which could include social media banners, graphics, business cards, leaflets etc. Then I would love to have a chat with you. 
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