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Welcome to  our trade directory – to be approved for our trade directory you will have to prove you have insurance/experience or qualifications to be included so that we can say we have vetted and checked every single person in the directory. We have employed someone who’s sole responsibility it is to check and vet applications as it’s a massive task and we estimate that we’ll have a huge uptake as it will be the only way to responsibly recommend people.

To secure your entry  Please send fill in this questionnaire – https://inspirenetwork.typeform.com/to/AWT8bl  for Inspire Success Members it’s included in the membership, non members will pay £40 per year via –

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Faye Clark

Retailer Finale Shoes
Website: Finale shoes

Biographical Info

I joined Finale in 2012. As the daughter of the owner, I have always helped in the shop and it felt like a natural progression to join the business full time when we decided to go online and expand our collections. I have learnt a lot from my mum who owns the business and I think we make a great team. I love my job and everything about fashion and customer service, despite having a degree in Criminology and spending the initial part of my career working with both juvenile and adult offenders I have always helped mum with her fashion businesses so it wasn’t too much of a shock to either of us when I changed career path at 35! As an independent shop we specialise in helping customers find the perfect pair (or pairs!)for everyday or special occasions this means my job is very varied and great fun. I have enjoyed learning all about social media, marketing and finance as I have taken on more of the business. I split my week between the shop and my office so when I’m not selling shoes I am working on all the behind the scenes stuff, managing our social media, our website and our paperwork.

Categories: Footwear
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