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Welcome to  our trade directory – to be approved for our trade directory you will have to prove you have insurance/experience or qualifications to be included so that we can say we have vetted and checked every single person in the directory. We have employed someone who’s sole responsibility it is to check and vet applications as it’s a massive task and we estimate that we’ll have a huge uptake as it will be the only way to responsibly recommend people.

To secure your entry  Please send fill in this questionnaire – https://inspirenetwork.typeform.com/to/AWT8bl  for Inspire Success Members it’s included in the membership, non members will pay £40 per year via –

Please make sure you have sent your payment before adding yourself to the Typeform or your details may be deleted.


Emma Spencer

Personal Trainer and Administration Services Helping Hands – For a Better You
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Biographical Info

I’m Emma! I’ve struggled with self-confidence, anxiety and depression for years. Fitness has turned my life around and is now my daily medicine.

I’m a working mother of 4, a wife, a PT/Group fitness instructor, so as you can imagine, I was struggling to hit my own fitness goals due to lack of time and childcare issues. Surely, I can’t be the only hard-working mother/wife who struggles with this?

That’s when ‘Emma-fit’ was born! Live Facebook sessions hosted in a private group for 50p a day! Less than the cost of a cuppa! Bingo! The idea behind it, is that clients can work out early doors in the comfort of their own home with myself, on their phones/tablets or even TV screen! Half an hour full body work out before the kids get out of bed, quick shower then get on with your hectic day. If the early morning start isn’t convenient, the session is available in the Facebook group to do at any time of day to suit the client.

The group has grown so much since it began 12 weeks ago, it’s very family-orientated. We often have the rest of the family joining in! It’s so much fun! The group is perfect for anyone who may feel anxious about joining a gym or have anxiety/mental health barriers. Everyone in the group is extremely supportive and motivate each other daily.

I feel so proud of the group I have built, how the group has grown, the relationships being formed, the results they are achieving both physically and mentally – their confidence is rising daily!

My goal is to reach out too as many people as I can, helping them to push out of their comfort zones and ultimately get them to my fitness classes out in the community.

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