5 Easy Marketing Tips from Michelle Rose of Custard and Bear

Recently the amazing Michelle Rose inspired us all at the North Tyneside Inspire Network Meeting and gave us all 5 tips for marketing. You can watch the videos – which I recommend as you’ll get Michelle’s lovely personality and a more thorough understanding with examples of  how all these tips work – but if you want the potted version, here are the five tips!

ONE: Good old fashioned customer service. 

Do your customers feel special?

Instead of people thinking “I went here and it was great BUT…” how can you turn that BUT into an AND? Suggestions include thank you gifts, remembering birthdays and refilling coffee.

TWO: Keep in touch.

If you don’t keep in touch with your customers – someone else will…

The best marketing tool you have is your phone. Just TALK to people.

THREE: Send Emails.

Don’t forget to say “can I put you on my email list?”

Provide something of value. The money IS in the list – but you don’t have to SELL.

Give away a freebie.

Track your marketing habits.


SHOW UP – at least keep in touch on your Facebook page. Use Facebook Live. Call people. Use your mailing list. Build relationships.

FOUR: Ask people to refer you.

Believe in yourself. Talk to your perfect people. We WANT to refer but we are busy people.

Ask for testimonials. Do one focussed step at a time.

FIVE: Plan. 

Work through the habits consistently and persistently. Every month do the four things:

  1. Email people
  2. Phone people
  3. Ask for testimonials
  4. Great customer service

It all adds up.

Don’t ignore your marketing.

Michelle Rose, Custard and BearIf you’d like to find out more about Michelle then you can visit her website here: custardandbear.com and you can buy her wonderful #FacebookThirty workbook on Amazon.